The Glamorous Bentley Bentayga Glides to the Top of Bentley Sales

Record SUV sales continue to reshape the international automotive market. With one-third of European auto sales going to SUVs by the year 2020, automakers are being forced to reevaluate their sports utility line-ups to keep up with the stiff competition.

Of course, at Perillo Downers Grove, we know who that “stiff competition” is. Ahead of the pack, as always, is Bentley, this time with their impressive luxury SUV, the Bentley Bentayga. The Bentayga now sits comfortably at the top of Bentley sales across the globe.

top of Bentley sales
2017 Bentley Bentayga (photo by KwokCH on Flickr)

The first Bentley production SUV was the Bentley EXP 9 F, unveiled as a concept in 2012 at the Geneva Auto Show. The modern Bentley Bentayga was developed from the EXP 9 F for a more powerful driving experience and more attractive aesthetic; it started production at the Bentley factory in Crewe, England in 2016.

The success of the Bentley Bentayga is based in more than just the SUV “trend.” The Bentayga provides drivers with ultra-luxury behind the wheel, something that its competition in the segment cannot.

To list all the innovations and artful features of the Bentayga would be impossible, but we’ll highlight a few:

  • The Bentayga is the fastest SUV on the market, accelerating from 0 to 60 in just 4.0 seconds.
  • The Bentayga offers full customization from the premium personalization specialists at Mulliner.
  • The Bentayga has the highest engine output of any diesel SUV in production.

Given the healthy SUV market and these marvelous features, the Bentayga’s position at the top of Bentley sales comes as no surprise. If you’re interested in learning more about the Bentley Bentayga or any of Bentley’s luxurious automobiles, call or visit our experts today at Perillo Downers Grove today.

New Bentley Flying Spur Design Edition is Styled by Mulliner

Bentley recently announced the details for the Flying Spur Design Series by Mulliner. This series includes interior and exterior accents, new colors, and limited-edition design. Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division, is creating just 100 examples of the limited-edition series that will be available with the Flying Spur range, including the V8, W12, V8 S, and W12 S.

According to Bentley, the Flying Spur is a performance-oriented sedan that’s also meant to uphold the incredible precision to detail and quality expected of all Bentley models. The Bentley Flying Spur Design Edition is bold, with new color splits like Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, White, Kingfisher, and Azure Purple. You can also find leather detailing, new materials, and impressive precision.

Bentley Flying Spur Design Edition

“The new Flying Spur Design Series takes its inspiration from the finest details: the flash of color on a suit lining, or the vibrant stitching on a leather saddle,” reads the Bentley press release. “Inside the Flying Spur Design Series, Mulliner has handcrafted a unique, luxurious space in which to travel.”

Other features include top roll and waist rail tops, a titanium-enriched carbon-fiber waist rail and fascia panel, finished treadplates, and 21-inch Directional Sports Wheels painted in Gloss Black. To learn more about the Bentley Flying Spur, visit Perillo Downers Grove today.

2019 Bentley Flying Spur Spotted Testing

The Bentley Continental GT has been touring Europe for a while now, but we’re just now seeing first glimpses of the 2019 Bentley Flying Spur. The four-door model looks similar to the outgoing model with plenty of signature traits while also managing to create a fresh, new look. The 2019 Bentley Flying Spur will bring a premium, sport-inspired design and performance-driven powertrains.

2019 Bentley Flying Spur

While the Flying Spur is technically a larger version of the Continental GT coupe, the four-door sedan drops the Continental name. The stretched wheelbase allows for a more spacious interior, especially for rear passengers. Spy photos don’t offer the best view of the high-end model, but, from what we can tell, the grille stands more upright and boasts oval taillights and exhaust tips.

Enthusiasts will be glad to know that the 2019 Bentley Flying Spur is likely to come loaded with a twin-turbocharged V8 or twin-turbocharged W12 engine. No matter the powertrain, it would be wrong to expect anything but optimized performance from the upcoming Flying Spur.

Expect to see the next-generation 2019 Bentley Flying Spur in all of its glory in late 2018.

We here at Perillo Downers Grove are ready to see the 2019 Bentley Flying Spur in action!