How Hybrids Work: Technology Explained

Hybrid cars are everywhere nowadays. Hybrid technology has a long history; there are various types of hybrid vehicles that have been around since the nineteenth century, and some of the most famous performance car brands (e.g., Porsche) earned a name in the racing world for having hybrid vehicles consistently finish first.

According to Edmunds, a hybrid is any vehicle that uses more than one type of onboard energy system to move the vehicle. For example, the most common type of hybrid is one that combines gasoline and electric power; however, it can also use diesel, hydrogen fuel cells, and more. The most popular hybrids are plug-in hybrids that connect to outlets for power and hybrids that use electricity to power electric generators.

Hybrid cars often come with a range of other great features as well. For example, many contemporary hybrids come with regenerative braking to recover the energy that is traditionally lost when braking. Other technologies include electric-drive to let drivers select electric power when they want, as well as stop-start technology to prevent the loss of few when vehicles would normally idle.

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